Sunday, December 8, 2013

3 weeks old

It has been a busy week, so sorry for the lack of posts.  All is well, we already have a pair of 5 pounders!  Stormy weighs 5 lbs and Twister weighs 5 lbs 1 oz.  I have added a litter box area and bumped out the pen a bit.  Twister is the litterbox champ, while Stormy just tends to fall asleep in the litter box.  With some coaxing, Riley is finally getting more comfortable having the other adult dogs around her pups.  The pups are slowly coming to life.   Being so big and heavy, they are developmentally about 1 week behind smaller more active pups from larger litters.  The pups are practicing some walking/wobbling, have discovered each other and are doing a bit of slow motion playing such as mouth wrestling, and are starting to interact with toys.  This morning, I added to the pen some toys that make noise.  We are doing more stimulating handling, handling all parts of the pups' bodies such as feet and ears, cradling them on their backs, and making funny noises.  All important experiences to maximize the chances that these pups will grow up to become confident and resilient working dogs. 

Expanded puppy pen with litter box to the left and more toys

Monster pups
Stormy walking

Stormy and toy
Stormy and piano
Twister doing what baby pups do best - sleep

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