Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1 week old

1 week old (smaller male on the left, darker female on the right)
The two little piglets are already 1 week old.  They are huge!  At 1 week, the female weighed 2 lbs 4 oz and the male weighed 2 lbs 1 oz.  They continue to gain 3 oz per day.  We are continuing with BioSensor exercises, the pups have had their first nail trim, and their eyes are 1/3 open.  Being so well fed, they are not very interactive, look like little blond seal pups who just lay around.  Their fur is silky soft and they are starting to enjoy some cuddling in laps.  The pups have baby names.  We decided to go with a weather theme since the pups were conceived out in Colorado during the floods and were born shortly after a nasty storm with tornados blew through Indiana.  The male is Twister and the female is Stormy. 

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