Friday, November 29, 2013

Den to Pen

Lots of changes for the pupsters.  Eyes started opening Wed evening and we had cute little puppy faces on Thanksgiving.  The pups have been tucked back in my master bath in a tented small puppy pool, not doing much other than sleeping and eating.  However, now that they can see there is a big world out there, there are starting to move around more.  This morning, I moved the pups from the pool den into a small puppy pen in the bedroom.  I added some environmental enrichment toys and beds with different textures to the pen.  They seem to be doing fine with the room temperature and are making a few attempts at walking.  Morning weights were 3 lbs 1 1/2 oz for both pups.  Stormy still looks bigger since she is a long-bodied pup but apparently Twister has managed to catch up in weight.  Let the fun begin!

Puppy pen

Riley and 13-day old pups

Twister showing off his eyes

Twister of the heated snuggle disc

After finishing up BioSensor exercises

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